We offer a variety of services that can dramatically improve the aesthetic balance and beauty of your face. From teeth whitening to veneers; Invisalign to bonding; full mouth reconstruction to implants; TMJ TMD testing to porcelain fillings; we have the tools and techniques to keep your smile healthy and mesmerizing!

Sedation dentistry is a technique that allows even the most nervous and fearful of patients to get the dental care they need, safely and comfortably.

Sedation Dentistry

Tooth whitening is one of the first things many people ask us about.

Professional Teeth Whitening

At our practice, we use a state-of-the-art CEREC one-visit technology.

One Visit Crowns

Porcelain veneers are thin layers of biocompatible porcelain placed over the visible surface of the teeth.

Porcelain Veneers

Bad breath, or halitosis, can be a serious and embarrassing problem for some people.

Bad Breath

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a serious problem that affects many adults to some degree or other.

Gum Disease

What is a DIAGNOdent unit?


BOTOX® Cosmetic is a basic, nonsurgical therapy that is administered directly into the muscular tissues between the brows.


Composite Fillings are a safe, natural-looking alternative to the metal amalgam fillings used by dentists for so many years.

Composite Fillings

If you have metal amalgam fillings, you might want to consider having them replaced with modern porcelain tooth colored white fillings.

White Fillings

Cosmetic tooth bonding is a procedure in which damaged or slightly misshapen teeth can be rebuilt using a dental composite material that closely resembles natural tooth enamel.

Tooth Bonding

Know the Symptoms from your TMJ/TMD Dentist

TMJ Symptoms

We can correct your bite permanently, beautifully and comfortably.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

The TMJ / TMD test will include measurement of jaw movement, observation of any uneven tooth wear, documentation of how your top and bottom teeth meet, and questions as to your exact pain locations.

TMJ TMD Testing

Breathe Better with Help from your Sleep Apnea Dentists


Dental implants are a complete, permanent solution to missing teeth.

Dental Implants

A denture is a removable dental prosthesis designed to replace missing teeth both cosmetically and functionally.

Dentures & Partials

Are Root Canals Dangerous to Your Health?

Root Canal Therapy

We offer four primary tooth-straightening options for our Vancouver orthodontic patients.


Invisalign is a simple, painless system that allows you to straighten your teeth gently and effectively using a series of clear, almost invisible aligners.

Invisalign Invisible Braces

See the Difference with your Clear Braces Dentist

Clear Braces

It is important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible.

Restorative Dentistry

We can often use a system that allows you to have your entire procedure completed in a single office visit, in about an hour.

Teeth in a Day

At Nature's Design Dental, we care first and foremost about our patient's well-being.

Bio Compatible Dentistry

Do you suffer from headaches? Do you hear popping or clicking sounds when you move your jaw?

Neuromuscular Dentistry

Dental Hygiene

Silver Diamine fluoride (SDF) is a liquid solution that is applied to teeth to help diminish tooth demineralization and promote remineralization.

Silver Diamine Fluoride