Cerec One-Visit Crowns

Most tooth crowns are fitted and inserted over the course of two visits, requiring your dentist to fit you with a temporary crown while your permanent crown is being manufactured in a lab.

At our practice, we use CEREC one-visit technology that allows us to make your custom, precision-fitted crown right in our offices, and you only need to come for a single visit!

The Tooth Crown Procedure

During your visit, the damaged tooth will be prepared, including removal of decayed material and preparation of the tooth surface.

Then we will use specialized digital camera technology to take a three-dimensional optical impression of your tooth. This step takes only a minute or two, and does not require a physical impression.

Once we have a precise optical impression of your prepared tooth, we will input the information into our computer-assisted CEREC machine, then carefully adjust the tooth impression to ensure a solid, sturdy biting surface and a natural, tooth-like appearance.

Once the image is perfect, the CEREC machine will automatically make your new custom crown from a block of dental ceramic.

Learn more by reading FAQs about teeth crowns

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