When we think of orthodontics, most of us think of uncomfortable, unsightly metal braces.

Fortunately, these are no longer the only option for tooth straightening today. Today’s orthodontic devices are available in lower-profile, less visible forms that are more comfortable and more effective than the braces of the past.

We offer four primary tooth-straightening options for our Vancouver orthodontic patients:

Invisalign – clear, removable braces that gently, painlessly guide your teeth into alignment.

Clear Braces – a modern, lower profile, less visible type of braces that straighten your teeth in much the same way as metal braces, but without the unsightly appearance or the discomfort.

Speed Brackets – a smaller metal bracket that does not need tie wires to hold in the arch wire. This gives more comfort and shorter treatment times.

Functional Orthodontics – for younger people using removable appliances. This helps the growing arches to develop fully, often eliminating the need for braces altogether.

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