Root Canal Therapy


When the crown portion of a tooth is severely decayed but the root is sufficiently intact, that tooth can often be restored with a root canal procedure.

As long as there is sufficient tooth material remaining to anchor the affected tooth, the damaged tooth can be repaired and the top, or crown portion, fitted with a natural looking porcelain crown to make your smile look as good as new.

Are Root Canals Dangerous to Your Health?

Dr. George Meinig, DDS, expounds on health threat issues related to root canals.

Biocalex / Endocal

The first step to a root canal procedure is to clear away any decaying material and prepare the surface of the tooth. Traditionally, this has been done by removing the diseased pulp of the tooth, chemically sealing the area to prevent reinfection and then packing it with a cement-like material to strengthen and reinforce the tooth.

However, recent developments in biological endodontics (root canal therapy) include a new, advanced dental material, Biocalex (also marketed as Endocal), which allows us to safely and naturally seal and fill the root canal of the tooth, creating a sturdy and biologically sound foundation for the new porcelain crown.

Biocalex (also marketed as Endocal) is a relatively new development in dental materials. A dynamic material composed of calcium oxide, zinc oxide, ethyl glycol and water, Biocalex expands to fully penetrate the tooth root, both to reinforce the tooth and to prevent infection and decay.

Biocalex offers a safe and simple solution for managing decay and damage without the potential toxic effects of the traditional materials used in root canal therapy. Biocalex works differently from traditional root canal therapies, and for this reason, many dentists and endodontists have resisted this new treatment option. However, studies have shown that Biocalex can be a more safe and effective solution for damage to the tooth pulp than other treatment options.

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