Digital Radiology

Radiology is a bit of a miracle when you think about it. It allows us to see inside our bodies and has advanced medicine and dentistry enormously over the last few decades.

Digital radiology is an improvement and refinement of traditional radiology, where a computer is used to acquire, store, and display the images.

Why X-rays work:

The soft parts in our bodies such as muscle, gum tissue, blood vessels and fat allow X-rays to pass through them, but hard tissues such as teeth, bones, and tumors, are denser and block X-rays so they appear white on the image while the soft tissue appears gray.

Advantages of digital radiology:

  • It eliminates about 90% of the radiation required by conventional X-rays
  • It provides a clearer, more accurate image, which can be zoomed, rotated, increased in clarity and generally manipulated for increased understanding on the part of your dentist
  • If you’ve ever used the photographic software that comes with digital cameras, you’ll have some idea of the possibilities. Compare that with peering at a physical x-ray film clamped up on the wall
  • It provides the images instantly so there’s no delay while the film is sent to a lab to be processed. Your dental images appear on the laptop screen right next to you, as you watch
  • Instead of biting down on little squares of dental x-ray film, you just close your mouth on an electronic sensor
  • If you have any cyst, abscess, tumour, or gum disease, speed is crucial in treating it before you start to lose gum tissue, bone density or teeth. Digital radiology can allow your dentist to begin treating such conditions in the same visit when the x-ray films are taken

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