I got mercury removal and crowns at my last visit with Nature's Design. It looks great!! Feels great!! I've peace of mind and am no longer worried about my smile. You're the best!

Gerry L.

I can feel good about smiling again, thanks to Nature's Design Dental! I also feel good about myself, a huge, positive life change for me. Thanks for the dental cleaning, crown, and bridge to all the staff!

Judith P.

Nature's Design goes above and beyond other dentists! They're efficient, extremely friendly and reassuring with a great office and incredible customer service. Thanks!

Lehla M.

I've got much greater dental health thanks to Nature's Design! You've got great dentists, friendly staff, and the latest equipment. I tell all my friends and family about you!

Joan H.

Nature's Design Dental is a friendly, relaxing, informative dental office, with state-of-the-art equipment. I feel great after every visit!

Doug D.

Nature's Design, from fillings to hygiene cleanings and root canals. I'd say they've helped reduce my dental anxiety. I recommend you to my friends and family because of your comfortable environment, better technology (digital x-rays), and non-mercury fillings. Thanks!

Aaron A.

My smile is back thanks to Nature's Design! Going to the dentist here is almost fun! Thanks for the great cleaning, crowns, and education. You guys are awesome!

Helene C.

I've got a way nicer smile thanks to Nature's Design Dental! They preformed a crown/crown restoration and matched my tooth colour and bite perfectly, it feels so natural!

Sheryl J.

I've had cleanings, crowns, fillings, and mercury fillings removed at Nature's Design. Not only have they improved the health of my smile, but they've given me an increased awareness of how important oral hygiene is to my overall health. I recommend you to lots of friends because of your professionalism and the way you keep me informed on my health awareness. You're the best!

Paul S.

I've had a lot of work done here over the years, including braces, wisdom teeth removal, cleanings, etc. Knowing that my teeth are being taken care of has greatly improved my confidence and given me a better smile. Everyone is so professionals, knowledgeable, and up-to-date on the latest techniques. Thanks for all the great work!

Paul A.

My dental health is so important to me, that's why I love visiting Nature's Design. I recently got a crown replaces and the staff was extremely professional and friendly!

Mary A.

I recently got a new bridge a fillings done with you guys. I'm much more relaxed as a result of these treatments - I can't thank you enough for the beautiful work. You're always so kind and patient with me and all of your clients.

Catherine R.

Nature's Design goes above and beyond to always keep my teeth in perfect shape. I refer many friends and family here on a regular basis!

France L.

I feel so listened to when I visit the team at Nature's Design! You're extremely progressive and humane and I recommend you to all of my friends and family! My last visit was to get laser fillings for a child and everything was wonderful. Thanks for the continued great service!

Chantelle W.

Nature's Design Dental is amazing! The best dentist office in BC with great service, this is the only natural dentist I'd go to! 100%, I also recommend you guys to my family and friends and I always will. Thanks for the great cleaning and x-rays!

Brandon H.

I'm always comfortable at Nature's Design because they treat me with kindness and respect. I always have faith in the treatments I receive. This visit, I had an exam and cleaning with x-rays. These treatments have given me great peace of mind! Thanks for all the hard work!

Tony Z.

Invisalign has been a great experience for me, thanks to Nature's Design Dental! It was almost unbelievable how fast it worked to straighten my teeth. So easy. I love the results, they definitely exceeded my expectations...I only wish I had done this sooner!

Mary-Ellen M.

I've had some great orthodontic work done by the awesome team at Nature's Design! I would have way less confidence if my teeth were a mess and it's nice that they're not painful or uncomfortable anymore. A great overall practice!

Alex C.

I'm so comfortable with this office and the incredible staff. I recently had a checkup with a cleaning and crown work done. It was great work in a natural environment with crowns made in house! I love it here!

Joanne M.

I got a filling replaced and a cleaning done at my last visit to Nature's Design. They gave me excellent patient care! I really appreciate the great treatment and service. Thanks so much!

Victoria H.